Small pets and animals for sale in Union City, GA

Stunning pair of glider girls. One Leucistic, one Platinum. Very pretty friendly girls. Both with full lineage.
2 male ferrets with 2 story cage. 1 White and one brown and black. They get along and are very playful. We are unable to care for them due to a change in our living situation. We are located in Woodstock Ga. includes cage, tube, toys etc...
Please give our two gerbils a new home! Free with no enclosure. 305-432-7856
He needs a forever home! Don't have the time for him anymore
Does anyone have sugar gliders? Or know where I can get them other than the flea market? Looking for a female? Or both male and female. If so let me know, send me a message with pictures and info. Thanks in advance.
This is a male sugar glider. He has a great temperment and loves to eat fruit from your hand. He is cont to ride in a pocket most of the day or in his pouch beside you while you watch TV. This price includes a large wrought iron cage wrapped in a soft plastic grid to make it escape proof. He has water bottle food dish and food. We have begun to travel recently quite a bit for work and no longer...
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